Why Consider GLOBALGRID™

GLOBALGRID™ Fibreglass marina decking is designed to replace old, wooden decking and for constructing new marina decks, fingers, gangways, knee brackets, fuel dock, rest facilities, and boat ramps. GLOBALGRID™ Marina Decking is an extremely tough and durable decking material with a life span of over 40 years that is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environments.

The Superior Strength and Stiffness of the GLOBALGRID™ Decking allows for spaning distance as wide as 30” to 36”. The integral large fiberglass composite panel structure (up to 4’x12’) provides superior shear and torsional integrity to the dock, resulting in significant cost savings for the dock structure. The unique design in GLOBALGRID™ Decking facilitates a fastener spacing of up to 2’ apart, eliminating 70-80% fasteners (as compared to plank decking), which significantly reduces project schedule and project cost, especially the installation labor associated with fasteners.

GLOBALGRID™ Marina Decking can enhance the asset value of marina properties. The best slip resistance and durable appearance of GLOBALGRID™ Decking can help attract new slip holders and reduce insurance premiums (superior slip resistance and fire resistance, and impervious to moisture/water and mold/mildew related damage).

The GLOBALGRID™ mini-mesh decking (½”x½” mesh size) is fully compliant with ADA while allowing maximum light penetration to meet environmental regulations (it also prevents small objects from falling through). GLOBALGRID™ pultruded decking offers options for even greater amount of light penetration. Both types of decking products are also ideal for regions where strong wave and hurricane winds are expected because GLOBALGRID™ product configurations facilitate passage of water or wind without overly loading and damaging the dock structure.

GLOBALGRID™ Decking  is designed and manufactured for Marina Applications by FRP Resource, Inc, a Global supplier of high strength fiberglass reinforced composite products. With operations in Asia, US and Canada, FRP Resource is committed in delivering the best performing decking material to Marina Customers at affordable price.

GLOBALGRID™ Decking Environmental Benefits

GLOBALGRID Decking vs Structural Timber